The Brevard Cycling Team gathered at Genna Pizza Company, one of its sponsors, to pass out the new kits and enjoy a good meal and fellowship. We would like to thank all of our sponsors for making the season happen: Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation, Primal Wear, Bob’s Bicycle Shop,GoMacro, Genna Pizza Company, Compass Research, Thee House of Yoga, Brevard County Sheriff and Village Cycle Shoppe.


2015 Brevard Cycling Team:

Masters 60+
Steve Salvo (Cat 4)
Cat 5 (under 35)
Eric Thompson

Eliel Barrial
Matthew Press
Masters A – Cat 3
Daniel Ciuro
Juan Hernandez
Masters B – Cat 4/5
Raymond Read (Cat 4)
Thomas Smith (Cat 5)
Mike Monopoli (Cat 5)
Eric Helmke (Cat 5)
Rob Marchello (Cat 4)

First Cycle4Alz Race Team Race – Pinellas Park

We competed in our first race in Pinellas Park as a pre-cursor for our season kick-off race in May at St. Augustine. It was great to get the banner our there and start promoting the Cycle 4 Alzheimer’s name at the race events. We will be out at a majority of races the rest of the season and look forward to competing and spreading the word for our sponsor’s causes. Please check out the team site and Facebook Pages.