Rob Marchello

Welcome to my page. I am an amateur cyclist, business professional, football coach and mentor. For work, I am an technology and management consultant with more than 26 years of business experience. I have a keen understanding of the need for holistic business planning and execution that considers all stakeholders. I currently support several organizations at both the mid-market, enterprise levels (including pre-IPO) and large non-profit organizations.

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For fun, and what I am really passionate about, is sports (my most recent love is cycling). I started cycling on August 30, 2013 after over 18 years playing football at the city league, high school and minor league levels. I have coached football at multiple levels as well and continue to mentor to young athletes.

I have been racing since January of 2014; competed in CAT 5 my first season with Kyle’s Bike Shop (Orlando, FL) before upgrading to CAT 4. I had some personal set-backs in 2017 and 2018 (including the loss of both my best friend and 9 months later my mother). Those set-backs really limited my time training and kept me from racing, but now I am primed to get back in shape and then revisit the possibility of racing again.

I am excited and honored to remain a part of Team Stages Cycling and for their support. ( I am also a member of Go4Graham (

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