1 Year In the Saddle – August 30, 2014

On August 30, 2014, I will officially be a cyclist for one year and as I close in on my first year I was thinking about what a total transformation it has been to move from the football player/coach mentality and training. I have been re-learning my whole approach to training, nutrition and mental preparedness as I get more involved in cycling.

By the end of my first year I will have ridden about 7,000 miles, spent over 368 hours in the saddle, completed multiple Century Rides, completed the Cross Florida Ride (165 Miles), Finished 4 Races in my first season of Racing (had a couple of DNF’s which we are working on), Lost 40 lbs, and gained a ton of new friends and fellow riders.

I have a lot of people to thank for steering me toward cycling and continue mentoring to me while I progress as a rider. Mileah Briley is the one originally go me into the whole cycling idea because of her intense spinning classes at the gym…little did I know that I would be so addicted to it. Thanks to Kyle Markel and the entire KBS Cycling Team for allowing me to be a part of such a awesome group of riders and people. The Crew at Bob’s Bike Shop (Jesse, Ben, Rod, Geoff, Nick, Nicole and everyone else) for keeping my machines running, getting me into racing and continuing to support all my cycling needs.

Thanks to Raymond Read and my coach, Dave Severn, for pushing me to focus on bike handling skills, training routines and being an all around rider. I am hoping that Dave will finally be able to teach me some patience. Finally thanks to Dr Rick (Chiropractor) for keeping my aligned and tending to my injuries and Amber Kabboord (Massage Therapist) for her continual work on my various ailments and flexibility.

A very special thanks to Rich Rudolph (Oakley) for always keeping on point with shades, clothing and gear I need for any of my sports adventures! As I prepare for the next race season and the Vuelta Puerto Rico (in January), I will no doubt continue to lean on everyone that has helped me get to this point.

Chiropractic & Massage – Go To Team

I wanted to send out thanks to Dr. Rick (Berthiaume Chiropractic) and Amber Kabboord, LMT (Massage) for working on my numbing issues this week. I am definitely seeing an improvement and can’t wait to continue to knock this out. Both numbing and flexibility were far greater today after having work done Friday and Saturday.I have always been convinced that when choosing to have athletic driven issues addressed, you need doctors and therapist that are athletes themselves. Both Dr. Rick and Amber solidify that belief 100%.


Re-Fit (Bob’s Bicycle Shop)

As part of my off-season training I made it a point to have the fit adjusted on my Training Bike so that I am consistent with my Racing Bike. The team at Bob’s Bicycle Shop are always there to make sure my machines are running (and fitting) well. Special Thanks to Rod and Ben for getting personally involved in my fitting and to the entire crew for putting up with all my needy request.

State RR & Mid-Season Break

State RR was held on June 1, 2014. I had a horrible weekend starting off by leaving my Garmin 810 behind on my trip down to Stuart. My ability to focus on the Race at head was completely distroyed by my pre-occupation with locating my Garmin. The good news is my neighbor had it when I returned home from Stuart so the ending is not bad.

I completed one lap of the race then pulled off the course. In the spirit of setting incremental goals, I can smile at the fact that I completed 10.5 Mile loop with an Average Speed of 25.9 mph, which including two short climbs over causeways. I completed one of the ascents 15/358 (on Strava). So, I am happy with my improvement over the course of the year and am excited about training this summer and returning to racing in the Fall. I plan on working with my coach over the summer and learning so key strategies that will allow me to complete races and compete on a higher level.

TC Classic RR

So I finished the TC Classic (Saturday, May 17th) with my highest placing of the year (a whopping 23rd), but I did build on the progress made in St. Augustine. I tried my hand at the Circuit Race on Sunday, but my body wasn’t ready for back to back days of racing…YET. Thanks to my teammate, Harrison Gold, for making me hang in there and get this race completed! The wind was BRUTAL on the backside of this 8 mile loop.

St. Augustine RR – VeloFest 2014

Excited that I overcame a sinus infection (thanks to ZPak), avoided flats and injuries and FINALLY FINISHED a darn race. The fourth time appeared to be the charm for me, but after just over 8 Months of Cycling I will take it. If not for my lack of focus on the last major turn, I would have finished in the pack with my teammates…but we live and learn! 

Thank you to all my KBS teammates and special thanks Bob’s Bike Shop for constant improvements to my fitting, keeping my bike ready to go and helping me improve my skill-set. 

8 Months On The Bike

I have officially been cycling 8 months now and excited with the progress I have made and determined to learn something every time I am on the bike. I want continue to get in shape and push myself and have a lot of awesome people supporting me. Thanks to everyone at Bob’s Bicycle Shop, Rod, Ben, Kyle, Ray, Mileah, Kyle’s Bike Shop, Team KBS, God for giving some athletic ability (whatever it is) and especially Olga Marchello for putting up with all my insane ideas

Next Challenges are to Improve My Race Performance and Train for the Vuelta de Puerto Rico.