State RR & Mid-Season Break

State RR was held on June 1, 2014. I had a horrible weekend starting off by leaving my Garmin 810 behind on my trip down to Stuart. My ability to focus on the Race at head was completely distroyed by my pre-occupation with locating my Garmin. The good news is my neighbor had it when I returned home from Stuart so the ending is not bad.

I completed one lap of the race then pulled off the course. In the spirit of setting incremental goals, I can smile at the fact that I completed 10.5 Mile loop with an Average Speed of 25.9 mph, which including two short climbs over causeways. I completed one of the ascents 15/358 (on Strava). So, I am happy with my improvement over the course of the year and am excited about training this summer and returning to racing in the Fall. I plan on working with my coach over the summer and learning so key strategies that will allow me to complete races and compete on a higher level.

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